Why choose to work with Dr. E? - THE 1:1 CONCIERGE DIFFERENCE

Every physical therapy visit should be one on one! Too many other PT providers just hand you an exercise card. You then pay a copay to work out at a gym or do exercises you could be performing at home.

From your evaluation to your follow up visits, you will have a customized 1:1 experience that includes soft tissue manipulation, functional release, neurodynamic assessment and treatment, joint mobilization, Rocktaping (kinesiotaping,) Capnotrainer assessment for breathing dysfunction, and spinal manipulation if necessary.

Each visit is an evaluation! Your movement and function will be assessed at each visit, not once a week or even less.

Assessment includes a Movement Screen and Repeated Motions Exam. These movement assessments look at how different areas of your body may be relating to your current pain or functional deficits. For example, many "knee" issues are often caused by problems in your ankle and hip.

I also use Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy principles for assessment, treatment, and home exercises, enabling you to treat yourself at home to maintain the gains we make at each treatment. After discharge, you may opt to stay on for performance enhancement and training.