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"So I have a 17 male lacrosse player with a 2 wk hx of insidious knee pain.  Limited DF, and tibial and hip IR.  However, after 1st visit was worse after doing MWM for tibial IR and ankle DF and HS stretching (supine).  So I assessed SGIS and found unilateral loading loss.  After shift correction, repeated L SGIS, and lumbar gapping (R side up) symptoms during squat almost completely gone.  As you've said, I should have cleared L/S first.  Thank you for the OMPT channel, my outcomes have significantly improved."

Sam Schroetke, DPT 

"Erson, I want to thank you for the fantastic course you put on last weekend in Vancouver. To say, you shuck up the foundations of my clinical reasoning and practise, is an understatement. I have said the words "paradigm shift" so many times this past week that I think I have given my tongue a repetitive strain injury. Thanks again, Bruce ( the guy with the 10 year old "jammed" ankle that you fixed with a simple mobilization and a single back treatment! )"

Bruce MacKay

"...thanks for being so willing to share your knowledge and experience. I have greatly benefitted from your blog and channel! I was telling my wife just the other day that I'm more excited about my practice and getting better outcomes than I have in 20 years."

Max Selisch, PT
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"I really appreciate your down-to-earth approach to patient care and therapist care. The content you put out shows a genuine commitment and talent in not only education but also in interpersonal communication. You're open and honest and generous with your time and knowledge. How I wish others could follow your lead."

Dr. Eric Matuszewski, DPT had this to say about the Eclectic Approach Upper Quarter Course in NYC May 2013

"Dear Erson: A quick personal message to thank you for all the great info you provide throught I'm a PT, and I teach a course in neuro-orthopedics at a chiropractic school near Madrid, and your site is a go to for inspiration on presenting case studies. You are doing great stuff for the profession worldwide, and I hope all your generosity in sharing gives you the recognition and compensation you deserve (in other words, great karma going your way). Un abrazo muy fuerte!"

- Eric L

"I had the opportunity to attend Erson Religioso's eclectic treatment of the upper quarter class this weekend and would recommend it without question.  Erson has the ability to synthesize different schools of thought and incorporate them seamlessly into a system of evaluation and treatment that is both efficient and effective.  His focus on the importance of home exercise programs and patient responsibility to maintain gains made via hands on treatment is imperative in today's insurance constrained."

Jon Diamond, DPT, OCS, CSCS

"Your work has been very influential in my own development as a physical therapist (I actually graduate this week).  Thanks for all of your work, you definitely serve as a mentor for me both in your work as a physical therapist but also in the way you share information so well on your site.  It really is a goldmine and I strive to be on the same level as you."

Dan Pope, DPT

"This website has been so helpful, been working as a CertMDT for about 7 years, then was exposed to SFMA while working for Athletes Performance for NFL combine prep this spring and changed my entire approach. Your website is unbelievable for bridging the gap between the two philosophies. Taking the first SFMA course in July and would love to see more videos on SFMA breakouts and how to treat pts based on SFMA top tier findings... "

Paul Mitchell, MPT, MS, ATC, CertMDT

"Dr. Religioso III (AKA D.R. III) co-taught, with yours truly, the inaugural Rock Tape FMT seminar in Ontario this year. I didn't have prior experience with Dr. Religioso's teaching style, but I can tell you that I soon became the student rather than his colleague at this seminar. He quickly captured the classes attention with his knowledge and practical application of the information. I was amazed with his ability to relay the theoretical information and integrate it seamlessly into the practical portion of the seminar. I can tell you that the seminar attendees and myself valued every minute of his presentation. Thank you for the experience."

Dr. Steven Capobianco, D.C., DACRB, CCSP
Medical Director of Rock Tape, USA
Symmetry Sports Therapy and Performance Care

51 University Ave, Suite K
Los Gatos, CA, 95030
Office: 408.693.4694
Fax: 408 384 6288

"Continuing education is something I value greatly. Erson has done a great job over the years providing therapists with useful information which can be directly applied to practice. Their explanations of concepts and methods are clear and concise and he is always able to make things practical and usable for the clinician."
Patrick Ward MS, CSCS, LMT

"I have been following your blog since early of last year. It's a great resource and I absolutely love the clinical based information. It has made me a better physical therapist. I am even taking an MDT course this summer due to your influence."

Aaron Swanson, PT, DPT, CSCS

"I'm so glad I took your course, you have no idea how great it is for someone starting out to be exposed to your methods of treating. Its a huge confidence builder to relieve patients of pain their first visit, especially since i just opened!"

Lev Borukhov, DPT
FIght Physical Therapy
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"I have been implementing various techniques shown on this site to help treat my patients. Quick example: Providing PT coverage at a local Crossfit event = person complained of severe L neck pain during pullup or overhead activity for 5 months. No previous PT helped. I did Cervical retraction with backbend and the wiggle. Immediately after he had less pain, 2-3 min after he stated he had no symptoms at all with any neck movement. He was floored and asked why his MD and PT had not tried any of this. Pretty awesome."

- Jeremy via a blog comment

"Just wanted to thank you, as I had three patients today with complete elimination of their pain after using some of the treatments presented in your lecture who until today had stalled with my current treatment. Thanks again."

- Will via email