The Eclectic Approach Certificate in Temporomandibular Management with Nxt Gen PT

For those who have been interested in a certficate in The Eclectic Approach, I have teamed with one of the biggest promoters of Modern Manual Therapy and Pain Science, Nxt Gen PT!

The certification, CertTMM, or Certificate in Temporomandibular Management will be .5 days of online lecture and 2.5 days of lab and live patients.

The course covers

  • TMJ, cervical, and UQ movement assessment (repeated motions and movement screening)
  • IASTM, Positional Inhibition techniques for the craniomandibular, subcranial, cervical, thoracic spines, and neurodynamics for the UQ
  • focus on patient education, self treatment, and assessment
  • Assessment of breathing pattern dysfunction
  • demonstration of the Capnotrainer, a tool to measure overbreathing and hypocapnea
  • live patient cases with follow up over the 2.5 days
  • case studies
  • quiz and practicals for demonstration and measure of compentency

It's a match made in heaven, if you wanted more after reading my blog posts or watching my MedBridge Education Eclectic Approach to TMD courses, this is your next logical progression! Here is the link for our pre-application process. The first online course should be available by Mid May with live dates to follow!

Keeping it Eclectic...