The Eclectic Approach Upper Quarter and Neurodynamics in Sayre, PA!

The Eclectic Approach Courses in Sayre, PA have been opened to the public! Here are the links to register, please share and spread the word! Hope to see you there!

Sayre, PA is 3 hrs from NY, 2hrs+ from Jersey, Philly is 3-4 hrs away, Albany is 2.5 hrs, Syracuse 2 hrs, so close to a lot of places and not a bad drive at all! Each course is separate so you can pick which one or take both, but there will be a bit of overlap!

Upper Quarter Evaluation & Treatment

This lab intensive 1-day seminar is designed to help clinicians take their evaluative and treatment skills to the next level. Attendees will come away with a new, thorough understanding of MDT and SFMA for improved therapy skills. Through the use of extensive hands-on labs, case studies and in-depth discussions, attendees will be able to implement new techniques and therapy tools immediately.
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Clinical Neurodynamics

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