The Eclectic Approach to STM: Feat. EDGE Tool and Bands

Buffalo, NY June 15-16, seating is limited!
Are you curious as to how you can hack into the nervous system to maximize your patients/client's mobilty (as well as your own)?

Do you wonder how tools and bands can decrease threat? This course will teach you the 7 Movements of the Selective Functional Movement Assessment and use it to direct treatment to improve movement and motor control asymmetries.

Eval includes

  • SFMA
  • MDT (Mckenzie Method)
Treatment includes
  • IASTM with the EDGE/EDGEility Tools
  • functional (movement based) release
  • positional release
A strong emphasis will be on patient education to lock in the improvements with simple end range loading strategies anyone can perform. Email for details/registration info.