Testimonial from an Online Consultation Series

"The Manual Therapist" Saved My Life! Regarding my daily back pain, I spent the last 5 years speaking with and learning from some of the best doctors and physical therapists in New York City.
None of which provided any long term solutions to my pain, only short term/temporary relief. Since meeting with Dr. Erson Religioso for an ONLINE physical therapy program my mind and body have responded significantly, and now I have NO pain. But most importantly, I am back to playing golf!!

I am NOT part of the 99%... are you??

During one of our five online video conversations I told "Dr. E" that I recommended a few of my friends to "The Manual Therapist." Dr E responded by saying "although I appreciate your effort, unfortunately only about 1 in 100 people ever follow up with treatment" - So I am proud to be part of that 1% !! Dr E stressed how important it is to do my quick stretch every hour. No chiropractor or physical therapist ever recommended this to me, so I set an alarm on my smartphone to remind me. Your body WILL heal if you let it. Bend properly and listen to Dr. E's instructions and your pain will get better. I have 7 bulging discs, but I have no pain (I still however do frequent stretching to prevent relapse)

What are the stretches??

It is very important to be fit and work out your core muscles in general, however, I feel many physicians focus on these core exercises way too much for people with back pain. I spent two years working out my core muscles with very little pain relief. I should have been focusing on a McKenzie program like the one Dr E put me on. In fact, I found this program to be a lot quicker, and less strenuous than the aforementioned exercise program. The McKenzie stretches are basically like bending backwards while standing or laying. There are slight variations for neck pain, but both are simple. The stretches only took about 2 minutes every hour - It sounds a lot harder to do than it really is. Sometimes I do the stretches in my office at work; I even stop on the sidewalk occasionally; I've done it in department stores; or I pull the car over somewhere safe and stretch. Whatever it takes, I don't care if people look at me funny. If anyone asks, I say "I am on a physical therapy program." 
At first my body was super tight, but I stuck with it. I consulted with Dr. E about tightness and discomfort during the stretches, and he said "As long as the complaints do not persist after the exercises, you should be ok. You have to work through some of the discomfort." Everyone is different, so that is why having a quarterback like Dr. E. on your side is the key to winning the game against pain. He will empower you - So you do not have to rely on repeat visits in order to get better.

Thank you