Patient Testimonial

Here is a testimonial from a patient I did online skype and google plus hangout sessions with. He sought me out after viewing my youtube channel.

My Experience with Doctor E
It was 4 years after a car accident, which acutely exacerbated an already existent problem in my neck and right scapular region. I had numerous sessions with a physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist etc, but I never got to the point of feeling like I could do what I was doing in the past fitness wise(I had been playing basketball professionally for years, years of martial arts and in general a passion for fitness). Working out got harder and as time went by I started removing certain exercises because I was either too weak to do them or I felt pain after executing certain movements.

Frequently I got days or even weeks that pain got worse and then was better, but I got to a point where I was cautious even while attempting to open a door, or open a soda bottle I got to a point where a thought of a bout of pain would cripple me in fear.

I didn’t give up though, I read a lot of books on physiotherapy, fitness, yoga, pilates, followed courses, had personal trainers and managed to get better slowly but still far from the shape I was in before, and still performing a single pushup seemed like a challenging task.

Youtube was a constant source of information on exercises, videos of PTs chiropractors, and I followed quite a few, but it wasn’t till a saw a couple of videos of Doctor E that I was really impressed by the attention to detail, dedication and willingness to give out information just like that, without a fee!

I learned quite a few things from his videos, I asked questions and he gave me answers, but at some point I chose to have a skype session with him cause I felt that it could be of great help. Well, guess what a few minutes after we began to analyze what was wrong and tried some exercises he got me to do not one, but ten virtually pain free pushups!!! I was amazed, I could finally visualize the possibility of working out again, feeling strong and healthy, cause that is all I wanted. He gave me a regimen to follow and I did it religiously, consequently I was feeling better all the time.

I had a follow up session cause my neck was much better but I still had some restricted scapular movement and some winging. Again a few minutes through the session I could reach further than before virtually pain free, and that in combination with my neck better has now brought me to a point where I can workout without the fear of pain, sure I’m not 100% healed I still have things I must do but now its being pain free is an actual reality and that is all thanks to Doctor E!!!

He has an amazing detailed but simple at the same time approach to injuries, and he helps you to get better and stay better without creating a dependence of some sort that many other PTs etc create.
I recommend him without a shadow of a doubt to anyone, I am sure that if you are not totally cured within a few sessions you will definitely be on your way to a pain free life as long as you dedicate yourself to what he tells you to do and don’t “half-ass” the guidelines.


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